Upcoming Show’s I’ll Be Attending

So here’s a short list of the next few show’s I’m going to in either New Jersey or Manhattan within the next week and again in February.


King Diamond w/ Exodus live at PlayStation Theater, New York, NY  – Friday, November 20, 2015

This was very last minute.  I wasn’t counting on seeing this show because this date in particular is sold out but a co-worker of my girlfriend offered her his tickets.  Sucker!  This is going to be amazing.  I love King.  She can’t stand him but is willing to go see him out of respect, knowing that there’d probably never be bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax or Slayer had it not been for Mercyful Fate, King’s pre-solo band.  Being that this will be my first time seeing King, it’ll also be interesting to hear how he sounds after years away, having recovered from back AND heart surgeries.  I also know I’m absolutely going to jizz myself silly when I finally hear Andy LaRoque solo his brains out for the first time ever!  Not looking too forward to Exodus.  I’m probably one of the few would cannot stand Souza’s voice…at all.  What the fuck was Gary Holt thinking when he got rid of Rob Dukes?  Was he even thinking at all?!?!  You dumb fuck.


Angel Vivaldi live at Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ – Sunday, November 22, 2015

Since I last wrote about Angel Vivaldi this YouTube sensation has been on the road for the last two months, promoting his most recent album, Away With Words, Pt.1.  This show will be his homecoming show, bringing that tour to an end.  If you haven’t heard him yet I suggest you go to Dingbatz on the 22nd to see why he gets namedropped by peers such as Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss.

classic sabbath

Black Sabbath live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY – Thursday, February 25, 2016

Well, here it is.  And more important than that, it’s for real this time.  Tony Iommi himself has gone on record saying that he finally cannot handle it anymore.  It’s incredible he was able to hang on for as long as he has, all things considered.  But it was going to happen eventually – I’m just grateful that their last show wasn’t an Ozzfest gig in Japan!  What really got me mad was finding out after I bought the tickets that they’re playing another show at the Garden two days later – on a Saturday.  But I honestly don’t mind taking a day off from work the next day – especially with the jackasses I deal with on a day to day basis!  They’ll also be playing throughout the summer including dates at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ.

I just hope that Ozzy doesn’t fuck this up.  The two times I tried to see Sabbath he was sick, but I’ll definitely get into those times in future blogs, trust me.  I know for a fucking fact that I’m not the only one who’d LOVE for Bill Ward to be a part of this last tour.  But I guess it’s up to Bill in the end; but hell, he should be a part of this, if not even for us at least for himself!  I’d love to see the classic line up that started it all just once.  C’mon Bill!  Ozzy fucked it up for me twice – don’t you be the one to fuck it up this time!

Show Me What You’re Made Of


What a ride it’s been for Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe over the last few years, huh?  He’s been through hell and somehow avoided a lengthy prison sentence for the death of a fan during a concert in Prague back in 2010, having been acquitted in 2013.  I know I wasn’t the only the only one to be relieved for him when the news came that he would come home.  I personally put the blame on the security guard and the fan himself.  I don’t do moshpits but if I were in a Suicidal Tendencies show or a LAMB OF GOD show I sure wouldn’t be drunk because I know I’d have to be VERY aware of all the other jackasses ready to clobber you.

I was well aware of his upcoming prison memoirs Dark Days, set to be released this July, by the time my girlfriend, Courtenay, told me that she was invited to his photography exhibition Show Me What You’re Made Of at Sacred Gallery in Manhattan this past Saturday, May 2nd.  Whoa, wait.  Randy Blythe?  Photography?  I already knew that he’s ridiculously intelligent, and I’m so looking forward to buying his book.  But taking pictures too??  My girlfriend HATES Lamb of God so much but was so happy that he was able to come home, and was interested in seeing his work.  I, of course, LOVE Lamb of God AND was so happy he came home.  The kicker?  My girlfriend was issued a permanent VIP pass by Kevin Wilson, the manager and defacto owner of Sacred Tattoo and Sacred Gallery, and therefore we could get in an hour ahead of everyone else.  Of course we were going!

While waiting on line that night we met a college kid named Alexander, very nice…very talkative.  Well, either that or he was trying to avoid the two seventeen year old dumb fucks in front of him on the line.  In fact if you check out Metal Injection’s coverage of the exhibition you’ll see they even interviewed him during the halfway point of the story.  I just wonder if when the reporter was trying to go somewhere else this guy still wasn’t done talking!

Around 7pm we were able to go in for a private viewing thanks to Coutenay’s VIP pass and need less to say I was absolutely blown the fuck away.  He’s a natural!  Randy has been apparently taking pictures for years, maybe a year or two before the Prague incident; he found the time to explore the surroundings of whatever city or country he might’ve been in a the time and just capture some breathtaking shots.  Not to blow smoke up the guy’s ass but he definitely has a knack for timing, which is all too important when you shoot moving images.

IMG_20150502_194128_398    IMG_20150502_194121_183    IMG_20150502_204049_756    IMG_20150502_193652_180    IMG_20150502_195213_137    IMG_20150502_194317_660

IMG_20150502_193831_373    IMG_20150502_193930_111    IMG_20150502_193844_243

Notice that the frames are a little…old looking?  A little beaten up?  Maybe…even old as fuck…like it was a piece of something else a long time ago?  Well, you’d be right!  These frames are courtesy of Frames by Greta.  Greta Brinkman, a carpenter turned frame builder takes old pieces of wood and turns them in to picture frames of all sizes – rather than just throwing them out.  She also happens to play bass for stoner metal band Druglord from Richmond, Virginia – Randy’s hometown.


I actually spoke to Randy for a few minutes and I tried to get him to explain to me how he edits his shit because it was so good and he told me that there was no real editing involved.  Most people would yell “arrogant prick!” but he didn’t come off to me that way at all.  I was almost offended again when he just ditched me but I understood he was getting pulled away because some couple bought a picture.  While there I ran into my friends Jimmy and Peter Pallis, the singer and guitarist from Brooklyn based metal band Anaka.  If you’re in the NYC at all you should check them out when they play the Gramercy Theater on Saturday, June 27th.

IMG_20150502_212334_451    IMG_20150502_212444_652

…and just like that you now know what I look like.  Don’t get any ideas.

Everything was cool until some lanky 6 foot 8 fucktard arrived.  I had a feeling he looked familiar, especially after everyone sitting on the couch next to mine began taking pictures on their cellphones.  Then I heard him talking – loud as fuck – like some surfer stoner shithead with this gay looking red hat and this long, doofy looking jacket.  My first reaction: “This motherfucker’s still alive?!”  Remember Jesse Camp everybody??  The first MTV I Wanna Be A VJ contest winner from 1998?  This was him and man he looks like SHIT.


He turned his head as my camera was taking the shot but he looks a lot older than 35.  Drugs are a bitch, eh?  But aside from that he was acting the same, talking the same, the STOOPID hand motions.  Oh yeah.  He was doing a video on the exhibition and he was interviewing Acey Slade, who was the DJ for the night.  I’m not a fan of anything Acey played that night but man it was way better than ANY of the bands he’s ever played in.

I tried to get a picture with Randy before Courtenay and I left when I noticed a funny scene where someone trying to take a picture with Randy couldn’t get the camera to work.  I found it so amusing I even made a video of it:

This video was taken right before I finally got a picture in with him.  Funny guy.  I went for the selfie pose when Randy decided “Ok that’s way too close.  Here!”  He then takes the phone from me, reaches as far back as he could with his lanky ass arms and takes a really good picture.  “And…walla!  There’s your picture!”, he said before he went off to take more pics.  The smart ass style of the way he said almost pissed me off – again.  But then I remembered “Oh wait!  I probably would’ve done the same thing!”.  That Randy, funny guy.


Angel Vivaldi Live at Dingbatz


See this guy?  Nice guitar!  Also looks metro as FUCK, right?  I would know.  The night I met him he pointed at my forehead and told me “You have great eyebrows!”  Well, for those of you who haven’t a clue who he is – because I sure as fuck had no idea until last summer/fall – this is former VeXt and Black Market Hero guitarist, 7 string guitar GOD and current YouTube sensation Angel Vivaldi and he can bury you and even every single one of your idols on guitar.  As I said, I had no idea who he was until last summer when I met my girlfriend…who happens to be this guy’s best friend.   So of course I learned a lot about the guy.  All there really is to know though is the guy’s is absolutely IN-FUCKIN’-CREDIBLE!  His aggression and his attitude on the guitar are unmatched.  His creativity as a songwriter and as a soloist?  Second to none.  Below is the link to his latest music video from his latest album released late last year, Away With Words Part 1:

So this past Saturday Courtenay and I went to go see him play at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ, during an all day festival, where he was playing a makeup gig since he injured his hand a few months back.  We both showed up a minute or two apart from each other by chance and as soon as he saw me, “Eyebrows!”, he proclaimed before hugging me a tad too intently.  Okay…

IMG_20150418_164746_521    IMG_20150418_164318_094 IMG_20150418_165120_673

IMG_20150418_165334_522  IMG_20150418_180002_489

I had to take a picture of the Deception Theory sticker on the wall there.  I used to work at Home Depot with their drummer, very awesome guy.  I wonder how he’s doing.

I was starving so before we went inside we went to Dingo’s across the street.  I’d say it’s like what Lucky 13’s was before they were able to relocate and feature bands again, a cool rock themed bar.



I’ve just got to hear what these guys sounded like!

So after leaving during one real shitty band we came back in time for an instrumental metal band called Oraculum.  We saw them the last time we were there when they were filling in for Angel after his injury.  They were ok when I first saw them but this time they were better, especially their lead guitarist.  All that his millions of solos need is the attitude to go with the speed and aggression that’s already there and he’ll be going places.

IMG_20150418_171107_042     IMG_20150418_171129_356

And while they were on we caught this hipster looking fuckface.


This guy’s dumb head was constantly getting in the way once I began filming Angel’s set and I wanted to choke him so fucking badly.

Anyway, Angel Vivaldi had a one hour set.  One hour.  To obliterate everyone who went one before him.  Here are the opening two songs from the set:

I do apologize for the sound quality.  I hope to get a real camcorder soon so I don’t have to use the phone anymore.

The most people showed up just to see him, I know it, because I didn’t see a lot of people when I came in.  Also, it was so nice out that unless Alice In Chains were playing a secret show at this place I doubt many people would have been there for anything.  Just a year or two back no one would’ve given a shit about Angel Vivaldi or how hard he worked to get where he is and now he’s about to go on tour for his latest album.  His entire band were so on point, so tight, so badass.  Jake Skylyr had this amazing looking Carvin double neck 6 string bass, one neck with frets the other without.  His single neck bass is the reason I couldn’t post my other video.  That shit just ROARED over the whole band!  Also, Bill Fore is a BEAST of a drummer.  I swear he could play any style of metal…I’m pretty sure I heard them all that night.  Jason Tarantino is an awesome guitarist, very capable of keeping up with Angel.  I also heard him rip a few licks of his own that surely kicked my ass.

IMG_20150418_181315_552  IMG_20150418_181432_856

IMG_20150418_181056_825  IMG_20150418_181050_741

IMG_20150418_181407_498  IMG_20150418_181442_109

It was an awesome show and if he ever comes to your town I’d totally recommend you get your asses down to wherever he and his band are playing.  I see nothing but a bright future for him.


As we were leaving I had to take this picture.  As I was getting my phone ready some jackass opened the door, hit my head and had the dumbest look on his fuckin’ stupid face when asking me if I was ok before walking away like a retard.  Some people are just dumb motherfuckers.

Here are some links to Angel’s music: