Crowbar at Saint Vitus


I celebrated my 31st birthday in Manhattan yesterday, with my girlfriend.  It was a great time.  Bought a Power Trip CD at Generations on Thompson St, got free ices courtesy of the New York Rangers, who had an ice truck outside Washington Square Park, got a Black Flag t shirt on St. Mark’s Place, which I might cut the sleeves off of.  But as a birthday gift to myself I started my day by getting myself tickets to see Crowbar on Monday, June 29th at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, Ny.

This is fittingly being called the Summer of Doom Tour, as they released their 10th album, Symmetry in Black, just last year.  Also on the bill are Battlecross and Lord Dying.  I’m hoping I can find a way to meet or at least take a picture with Kirk Windstein.  If you love to lift weights Crowbar’s music is the perfect music to listen to.  Really sludgy, heavy as FUCK, so unrelenting.  Twenty six years later Kirk is still a beast.  His lyrics over the last two albums have changed to reflect his positive outlook on life after becoming sober but the music is as inspired and as badass as anything he put out before.

Anybody remember when they first heard Crowbar?  I do.  “Huh huh – he’s always taking a dump! – huh huh.”  Man, I miss Beavis and Butthead.  I’m sure a good chunk of people out there would have never known about Kirk or Crowbar had it not been for his stint in Sludge supergroup Down, with whom he made three classic albums and an EP before leaving to focus entirely on Crowbar.  I personally think that was the best move he could’ve ever made.  If any of you reading this plan on going to the show you should drop me line/comment/whatever; maybe we could meet up.  I’m also sure I’ll be doing a write up of the show for this blog.  Until then, here’s probably my favorite Crowbar video – mostly thanks to Beavis and Butthead!

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