Humanity…what a joke…

download (1)This past Thursday a gas related explosion in a Manhattan restaurant demolished an entire building on the corner of 2nd Ave and St. Mark’s Pl, an area I used to hang out in a lot during my college days.  As a result several people, including actress Drea Di Matteo, have lost there homes and many of them, of course not including Drea, are going to have a real hard time picking up the pieces.  Businesses are destroyed, homes are lost, and as of today, two bodies have been found.

Yet a few pieces of shit decided this had to have been a great time to take a selfie.  Right?  Right??  Any takers???  This is why I hate people and this is also how I know that even I have some standards.  Who out there with COMMON SENSE would take a selfie in front of a burning building where several lives have been destroyed?  I don’t want to compare this to a terrorist attack but since the building in question did collapse, if these assholes took a selfie when the World Trade Center was hit nearly fourteen years ago they would’ve paid dearly for it without question!  Is it just me or shouldn’t these pieces of shit be punished for this?  Am I out of line?  Who the fuck are they to make light of something so tragic??  I’m not one to talk about poor taste but not only was what they did in poor taste but it’s just wrong in every way.  I also don’t feel like these pieces of shit are truly being held accountable for this and it’s about time they are.  I hope to hear something about this happening soon.

One thought on “Humanity…what a joke…

  1. I am 1000% with you! This is worse than people posing inappropriately for photos with statues, monuments, graves, signs, or whatever. I don’t even like selfies at memorials. Learn the difference between the USS Arizona and Disney Land, for f’k sake. People don’t know what it is to be respectful anymore. Those creeps likely will be punished one way or another, if the selfies are seen by the wrong people. If their current or future personal or professional acquaintances discover them, it could be trouble. Surely they were posted online immediately, somewhere. I would think any friend who is worth a damn would say to them, “Um, you should really think about taking that down.” People do stupid things impulsively, but if there is a pattern, those are your real bozos.

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